Quick and Dirty ADS-B with dump1090 server and PlanePlotter

While there are some excellent decoding and aggregations tools for linux, the available options for visualization are lackluster at best. PlanePlotter a nice commercial win utility for mapping planes with ADS-B data and grabbing ACARS messages. Since I’m running a bank of RTL DVB sticks on linux as a homebrew SDR rig, use of any graphic interface is best achieved via one of the many established network protocols. Here’s the in-a-nutshell version of feeding PlanePlotter with data from dump1090, an ADS-B decoding utility that works nicely with the linux rtl-sdr driver.

linux server
git clone https://github.com/MalcolmRobb/dump1090
cd dump1090 && make dump1090
./dump1090 –no-fix –enable-agc –net

win wks
In PlanePlotter, Options->I/O Settings-> Mode-S/ADS-B-> Beast Receiver TCP
Then, Options->Mode-S receiver->Beast receiver->Setup TCP/IP client [Server IP]:30005
Process->Start (or the little round green button in the menubar)